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Mechanical Department

     “Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at PG MOZE COE, Wagholi. We started our journey in the year of 2006. Over the one decade, we have grown our expertise and competence in the core Mechanical Engineering curriculum and research.”

     The department of Mechanical Engineering established in the year 2006 with initial intake 60 where current intake is 120. Department is recognized by AICTE, DTE and affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University.

     Our department offers science-based engineering curriculum. The primary focus of our curriculum is to impart technical know-how to students, promote their problem solving skills and innovation of new technologies. Department offers large number of optional courses for providing wide spectrum of options to the students to pursue their interest. The course contents are periodically updated for introducing new scientific and technological developments. Undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake various research projects.


“The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims at capturing the innovative capabilities of the students through a dynamic learning environment and promotes applied research to cater the professional requirements of core industry and develop entrepreneurship attitude amongst students.”


“Incorporating excellent teaching – learning practices to create a centre of excellence that strives for Research, creativity, product development with project based learning which shall be recognized at National and International level.”

1) Professionalism and integrity.

2) Scholarship and teaching excellence.

3) Commitment to students.

4) Partnerships and collegiality.

5) Initiative, innovation and willingness to change.

6) Community, the environment, and sustainability.

1) Apply analytical skills to solve engineering problems.

2) Conduct experiments, analyze data, and present results.

3) Ability to design and develop mechanical components and processes to meet desired needs considering public health, safety, cultural, social, and environmental aspects.

4) Ability to develop sustainable solutions and understand their impact on society and environment.

5) Ability to apply knowledge of engineering and management principles to lead teams and manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.

1) Graduates shall work in design and analysis of mechanical systems with strong fundamentals and methods of synthesis.

2) Develop successful careers as mechanical engineers and demonstrate professional engineering competence via positions of increasing responsibility and/or assignments.

3) 3. Participate in research and development, and other creative and innovative efforts in science, engineering, and technology, and/or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.